September 24, 2020, 02:09:05 am
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Thanks for your interest in Rehab, the following is a word about us from our (long gone) founding GM, Spudmesister, if you make it to the end and still want to apply you're half way there ;oD

We're a semi-coherent PVE raiding guild with some random PVP stirred in for good measure. We've been around since the 27th of February 2006, thereby proving that most of us fail at life. Our members hail from the all over Europe - Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK, etc.

We raid at least twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) at 8.30pm to 11.30pm server time. You can find us on WoWProgress here.

We all have families and jobs (ain't real life a bitch?) so our raid schedule is chilled and happy. Guildies are welcome to arrange other activities on non-raiding nights, and every so often we may have a "fun guild activity" (ahem). We have a minimum age of 18 - this reduces the number of annoying squeaky voices on Mumble. We all speak English on Mumble, but the Finns are particularly difficult to understand when they're drunk. At least they have the common decency to sing to us before they pass-out.

If you're interested in the guild, we'd like you to be able to play your class, attend 10+man raids a couple of times a week and, most importantly, enjoy yerself. Your main and alts should join too - show a little commitment please. Oh, a headset superior in quality to something that fell out of a goddam cereal packet would be nice too. So, head this way purleese...and use the application template or we will mock you in ridiculous French accents.

This forum is for guild members only - Please DO NOT create an account to make an application!

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