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Title: Prayshockp and why I want to Join and stuff
Post by: Guest on April 29, 2019, 02:49:24 pm
1. in-game name: Prayshockp

2. nationality: British

3. age: 26

4. Previous guilds and excuses: War of wrath; Narcosis (US - illidan); Anomaly.   I am still currently in War of wrath on alliance side as a brew master monk, the reason I will be stopping raids with them is because I miss the good old horde and due to my working commitments (which I will state later in this application) is I want to go back to being a ranged DPS as it's easier to replace a DPS than replace a tank if I were to miss a raid night. Also some drama has come to light in that guild and I would much rather not be a part of it. Reasons for not being in Narcosis anymore is that was my US account and I had played on there for 4 years as a mythic raider but with family life (partner and 3 children) raiding at such a level requires a hell of a lot of commitment and time which I do not have. The reason I left anomaly is they had moved to the alliance side from horde, but people got lost along the way and the team sort of just went separate ways and they no longer raid.

5. Friends??: I do remember some names as I have been a follower of rehab even when you were on Kor'gal when I was on that server back on 2006-2008 then I needed to go alliance side to raid with friends. I was wanting to apply to your guild back then but never played a class you were looking for. Some familiar names to me Gurnacus, Paige, Mochin

6. How long?: I have been playing since 2005, have raided in every expansion and will continue to play every expansion till the end of WoWs days

7. Toon:

8. Do you have any alts? (name/class/level/server): I have a few alts technically my alt is now my new main as named above (Prayshockp Priest - Draenor - Horde) old main (prayshockm - Monk - Silver moon - alliance) (Prayshock - Paladin - silvermoon - Horde)

9. How much do you play Warcraft?: I play anywhere between 15-20 hours a week depending on family life. Outside of raid I will try and play later at night for me after the family are in bed to not take away from there time and for me to do world quests and farm for things, and mythic + key

10. Experience?: My current raiding experience is 1/2 heroic (on my monk) and 3/9M BoD. Have curve for most previous raids spread out over my US and EU account

11. How flexible? I do have a discipline/holy offspc which I am very comfortable at healing as it's a role I had done for a may years before tanking. And as for an alt I have my paladin which I can move over to draenor which is a geared tank and can easily switch to retribution if you required such class and spec

12. Why?: I would really like to join Rehab as I mentioned above, I've seen the guild many years ago on Kor'gal and now recently discovered you had moved to the server in which I have been on since 2011 Draenor. I was also looking for a guild that primarily aims for curve and not pushing mythic raids as I mentioned above I just couldn't commit too harshly to a schedule that mythic requires. Your guild back then an now appeals to me because of the laid back attitude and banter that can occur but still pushes for the Curve achieves each raid tier. One thing I would like to state before you make your decision. My job currently in the offshore industry requires me to trave to different countries and sometimes oil rigs in the ocean, I get notice on when I will be departing and I do have a gaming laptop for taking with me which had my identical UI as my PC at home but sometimes the internet may be terrible on these rigs which means I would have to sit for raid until I'm home. This is the main reason I am wanting to switch from a tanking role to a DPS role as I mentioned above, it's far easier to replace a DPS than a tank for raid night. I really hope this does not ruin my chances at getting into your guild as I would love to be a part of your guild and team, but I fully understand if this was to affect.

13. Joke: A game of thrones joke I thought was funny and fitting seeing as it's started back up again (Not a spoiler)

Why do the Lannisters have such big beds? Because they push two twins together to make a king.

Title: Re: Prayshockp and why I want to Join and stuff
Post by: Bigvoids on May 01, 2019, 09:07:32 am
Thank you for your application, we'll get back to you shortly.
Title: Re: Prayshockp and why I want to Join and stuff
Post by: Bigvoids on May 02, 2019, 07:41:07 am
Accepted, please whisper someone for an invite. Welcome to Rehab  :)