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Title: Angrygecko OR Ghostgecko and why I want to Join and stuff
Post by: Guest on July 20, 2019, 08:22:29 pm
1. in-game name: Angrygecko OR Ghostgecko

2. nationality: English (UK)

3. age: 32

4. Previous guilds and excuses: I havent been in a serious guild since last year where i made a guild called keystone on dreanor, it was joint owned between myself and a friend i had played with for many years and i left due to disagreements on where to take the guild as far as raiding. Before that i was in several casual raiding guilds and many many moons ago, back in TBC and Wraith i played with nihilum (charactor name forgiveness). Since i left nihilum i was a Hardcore raider for many years until i had kids at which point i stopped raiding hardocre and only played casual.

5. Friends??: No

6. How long?: 15 years , but the last 4 have been off and on due to dramatic life changes

7. Toon:   -  

8. Do you have any alts? (name/class/level/server): These are basically the two im playing with atm

9. How much do you play Warcraft?: 7 days a week, depending on if its my day off or not it can be minium of 3 hours up to 10 hours a day

10. Experience?: I have raided since i hit 60 in classic, im going to be honest though, the last time i raided properly was mythic Antorus and havent been able to raid since, i bascally fell for my best friend (who was a woman, im a guy :p ) which meant that i had to leave my pregnant wife and caused ALLOT of drama, being in a mythic prog guild i had to leave as i couldnt leave everyone waiting for me , i started up my own casual guild with a friend as mentioned above i had to leave due to a dissagreement in how things should be ran. As far as actual EXP goes... Full vanilla clear, full TBC clear , Full wraith Clear norm and HC , Firelands and DS norm and HC, mogushan vaults, heart of fear and terrace norm and HC, then took a break ,Emerald nightmare, tomb and antorus norm,HC and Mythic. Havnt raided at all this expansion

11. How flexible? Yea i mainly heal, toying with Disc atm as i raided with it in Antorus mythic and i mcurrently gearing it to work,but i can play shadow, same with druid, im maining resto but i can easily go boomkin if required

12. Why?: Ok,so, im going to start with looking at my toons, i know they dont look great , as mentioned above ive been away a while sorting out real life things, im now settled ,happy , divorced ,getting remarried and hopefully a child coming one day. I also am the manager of a supermarket which means i have a busy schedule.With this in mind you guys fit my avaialbillity , days , times and seem relaxed and no real pressure. I want a guild i can log onto discord when im playing and chat with peopel, do M= with and lets be honest, basically relearn the game :D Im not expecting you guys to carry me or gear me, ill put as much work in as i can , but im looking for a community and to get back into some propper raiding. I play wow to raid and without it and a comunity its really boring

13. Joke: A man runs into a sperm bank in a balaclava and shouts at the woman standing on the front desk " Open the fucking vault and do it fast, i have a gun and i will shoot you" the woman walks over to the vault thinking its an angry customer and without hesitation opens it. Inside are rows upon rows of fresh sperm , the man points at one and says 'Drink that' pointing his gun in her face, the woman picks one up and drinks it, he then points at another 'and that one' she drinks that to, crying she flops to the floor, the man walks over to her , takes his balaclava off and says " see darling ,it isnt that hard is it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, im bad at tying fast so i apologise for the many typos i guarantee will be here. If you want to chat catch me on Gecko#21135 , id be happy to talk about this application further. GL
Title: Re: Angrygecko OR Ghostgecko and why I want to Join and stuff
Post by: Rundo on July 20, 2019, 08:52:32 pm
Thanks for your application, some wise men will have a look and we will get back to you soon(tm)
Title: Re: Angrygecko OR Ghostgecko and why I want to Join and stuff
Post by: Gecko on July 21, 2019, 01:08:13 am
Sorry, I just wanted to add to this and say I've only been back to wow 3 days ,so although my gear is pretty awful I'll be working on it extensively over the next few days.
Title: Re: Angrygecko OR Ghostgecko and why I want to Join and stuff
Post by: Rundo on July 21, 2019, 07:38:17 am
Accepted, Just whisper any random member online and they can direct you to someone that can invite you into the guild.

Welcome to Rehab :)