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Author Topic: Darthneo and why I want to Join and stuff  (Read 792 times)


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Darthneo and why I want to Join and stuff
« on: October 22, 2018, 09:59:52 am »
1. in-game name: Darthneo

2. nationality: Dutch

3. age: 36

4. Previous guilds and excuses: Phoenix Legion: took a long break in Legion (9 months), migrated here to join my friends in PL but most of them already stopped playing and the main raiding day in PL is on a day I can't join. Freedom Fighters: joined friend of mine there, who now stopped playing, also I can only join 1 of 2 raiding days // Ænigma: This is a social guild (I'm currently still in it), raids seems to have no (or not enough) focus unfortunately  

5. Friends??: No, but looking foward to do so :)

6. How long?: Since Vanilla wow, not right at the start but like 2 months after release. Was playing CoD in a clan back there and we keep loosing players to WoW so after a while I decided to try it out myself and I have been hooked since :)

7. Toon: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Darthneo

8. Do you have any alts? (name/class/level/server): Yes, the list is a bit long to link all of them here. In Legion I played on Magtheridon, I had all classes on 120 there. With the move to Draenor I moved some of them here and some are (still) there. At the moment I have 4 120's on Dreanor, will probably level all classes again to 120 (for professions etc.). At this time I have another warrior on 120 (Darthnéo), a Paladin (Dárthpala) and a DH (Dárth). So yeah bit of an alcoholic :)

9. How much do you play Warcraft?: Every day, but it depends on the day how much time I spend on it. Tuesday, friday and saturday evening are mostly for the family. So atleast 20 hours a week, but I think that is mostly on the low side. So far i'm at 685 days played (not sure if all chars are on there, deleted some of them over time). 270 days of those were on my main warrior (main after end of TBC) and 199 on my mage (Dárthmage) which was my main will the end of TBC

10. Experience?: I raided on the highest difficulty level for a lot of expansions, I think atleast up to Cata. Cata and MoP were a bit less, mostly did normal / hc there. In WoD I was on Magtheridon in a nice guild and we cleared HC's there. Legion was my main downtime expansion, I played a lot in the start but after a while we had our first child so I took some time off the game to enjoy that expereience :) I started again like a month before BfA release and as I told before I migrated to Draenor to join my friends who played here. Unfortunately up till now I didn't had that much luck to find a stable raiding guild with days that suits me and/or my frieds quitted. So I did some kills in Uldir but it is not on the level I would like to play (mostly normals)  

11. How flexible? Like I stated before I love to play alts, but warrior is my true main, it has been since the end of TBC (I had 4 lvl 110 warriors in Legion since I just love the class). I can always bring in other classes but so far I have been mostly focused on my warrior(s). DPS is my thing, not really into tanking/healing

12. Why?: Well for starters I like the guildname :) Second to that I feel like we have the same goal, I would love to push for Curve on every instance that comes but a lot of guilds seems to have issues once they reach that point where some of the team wants to do mythic and others don't. I love that you set the message clearly on that point (I don't mind dipping into mythic, but not as a main goal). And the raiding days are perfect for me, so far I only found guilds here that I could join 1 of the 2 raiding days and that sucked. I do want to work with the team to get the goals that are set and personally I hate missing out on raids ;-) With all the changes over time and my personal live being stable as it is I can again commit to a stable raiding situation and I would very much like to do so. I do find myself a social guy and I like to do (mostly PvE) stuff with my guildies and enjoy the game

13. Joke: Jokes are not really my strong suit, but here we go :)

A child comes home from school and asks her mom "why do people go to heaven with their legs up ?". Mom answers with "I don't think they do, why ?" The child replies with "I just saw the neighbor lying with her legs up, screaming "Oh god, I am coming", and continues with "good thing that dad was lying on top of her, otherwise she would have really went to heaven".

Thanks for reading and if there are any other questions, feel free to contact me ingame  (Darthneo#2382)


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Re: Darthneo and why I want to Join and stuff
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2018, 11:22:36 am »
Thanks for the application. We will get back to you shortly. Jim


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Re: Darthneo and why I want to Join and stuff
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2018, 01:56:21 pm »
Accepted, please whisper someone for an invite. Welcome to Rehab :).
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