August 26, 2019, 10:45:53 am
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Author Topic: Ragrub (BM Hunter; currently "geraring up solo") and why I want to Join and stuff  (Read 464 times)


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1. in-game name: Ragrub (BM Hunter; currently "geraring up solo")

2. nationality: Swiss

3. age: 38

4. Previous guilds and excuses: (none - since I came back to WoW)

5. Friends??: none

6. How long?: Beta, stopped when BC came out. Played WoD when it became free - stopped after 2 months. Started again this summer when Legion became free. Got hooked, bought BfA and thinking about the next step (guild, raids).

7. Toon:

8. Do you have any alts? (name/class/level/server): (none)

9. How much do you play Warcraft?: 3-7 times a week (in the evening; 20 - 23)

10. Experience?: Zul'Gurub; nah I even made it into Molten Core 2005 - buahahahaaa

11. How flexible? none so far. Used to be a healer, thinking about a healer alt.

12. Why?: I am a Lone Wolf ever I came back. Playing older content solo is easy and chill. This time I am playing current content. As you can see I got no history of current or recent dungeon/raiding content. I think to enjoy the game more/differently I need to do instances. However pugs are the worst. I tried LFR - no games every happened. I am not the youngest dude anymore. I have a demanding job and social life. I think Rehab (what I read so far on the forums and stuff) offers me what I need: no hardcore raiding - but still trying to achieve something, social aspect of the game (being a Lone Wolf this is largely unknown to me). to make it short: set the Lone Wolf aside, join a guild which is social and chill, explore more content of the game, get better at the game and my char. I am willing to learn the encounters, etc. If you are afraid of me to be the guy to wipe you... I will be happy just to hear from you :) (currenly no mic) ps: I am ok helping others - currently I am gearing up and do rep

13. Joke: nr. 10



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Re: Ragrub (BM Hunter; currently \
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Thx for your application. We are currently on a raid break and waiting for the release of Battle for Dazar'lor, and as such, can't offer you raiding at this point. If this is fine with you, please whisper someone for an invite; if not, I wish you good luck in your travels!
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