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Author Topic: Poruk and why I want to Join and stuff  (Read 21488 times)


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Poruk and why I want to Join and stuff
« on: August 21, 2019, 12:54:40 pm »
1. in-game name: Poruk

2. nationality: Dutch

3. age: 25

4. Previous guilds and excuses: House of trinity, raid days weren't good for me anymore with time schedule irl

5. Friends??: no

6. How long?: end of legion

7. Toon:

8. Do you have any alts? (name/class/level/server): yes but not ready, all on draenor

9. How much do you play Warcraft?: a bit everyday if i can, my main game

10. Experience?: bod: curved - Cos: curved - EP: 5/8

11. How flexible? i have no off spec, but can farm for it if necessary  can also level up alts

12. Why?: the guild suits my expectations, since i am looking for a casual/semi - hardcore mature guild, that have to understand that irl obligations come first. English/Dutch speaking guild. Raid days in the weekends or at least one day (sunday). i'm willing to learn and improve in this game and progress, im relaxed and want to contribute to the guild im in, will im relaxed doesn't mean i want to get stuff done. im socail and also dont mind hosting achiev runs or other activities to do with peopl from the guiid

13. Joke:


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Re: Poruk and why I want to Join and stuff
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2019, 10:10:54 am »
Accepted, please find someone with rights & whisper for an invite. Welcome to Rehab.
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