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Author Topic: Gwenalyn and why I want to Join and stuff  (Read 4664 times)


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Gwenalyn and why I want to Join and stuff
« on: June 06, 2020, 12:08:15 pm »
1. in-game name: Gwenalyn

2. nationality: Danish

3. age: 26

4. Previous guilds and excuses: Ex Umbra - Raiding active during Wrath | Monsters Inc. - Raiding active during MoP/WoD. Reason for leaving: guild disbanded

5. Friends??: Unfortunately not.

6. How long?: I have played World of Warcraft since September 2006

7. Toon:

8. Do you have any alts? (name/class/level/server): 120 Demon Hunter, otherwise none worth mentioning as I try to focus on one character:

9. How much do you play Warcraft?: Pretty much everyday - dailies and mythics+ don't run themselves.

10. Experience?: Been active in raids for every single expansion, though with the exception of Cataclysm (I prefer to forget that expansion existed). I have a couple of curves and dabbled a bit in Mythic raids during WoD.

11. How flexible? Though I am always willing to try out something new and make a fool of myself, I have primarily been a DPS throughout my entire raiding "career".

12. Why?: Though I haven't been active in raids during BfA, raiding is not new to me. I never enjoyed hardcore mythic raids and find heroic raiding to be a good middle ground. I consider myself to be a decent player that is ready and prepared on time and I am always willing to listen to constructive criticism and improve my skills.

13. Joke: Have a shower thought: If a midget tells you your hair smells nice is that sexual harassment?


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